Developed by clinical experts

Empowering Growth and Wellbeing.

Transform your company culture by giving your people the agency to control their world better. Take a proactive approach through evidence-based digital tools, timely access to therapists and unlocking employee wellbeing data insights, ensuring your team can easily access the help they need - when they need it.
Developed by clinical experts
Improving workplace wellbeing of leading global brands

Supportive • Accessible • Personalised

Through our bite-sized learning resources and easily accessible support, we equip your people with powerful and proactive techniques to combat mental fatigue.

From burnout to balance

Reduce stress and maximise productivity.

Reduce employee churn

Improve retention and boost staff engagement.

Create happier staff

Raise company morale and team satisfaction.

So, how do we do it?

Proactive support that is more than an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Teaching resilience with proactive mental health tools and techniques. Support your organisation with digestible and bite-sized resources to recognise the early warning signs before they get to breaking point.

Proactive support that is more than an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Improve employee wellness with anonymous and confidential therapy support.

Employees can choose who they want to see, with support available in person, online, after hours, and on the weekends to empower ownership over their emotions and control their inner voice.

Improve employee wellness with anonymous and confidential therapy support.

Workplace wellbeing data like you’ve never seen before.

Go deeper than basic engagement surveys and gain actionable insights and recommendations on how to better support your people through proactive and powerful anonymous data.

Workplace wellbeing data like you’ve never seen before.

Hear from our wellbeing champions


Great portal/service and reactive customer service as well. I have also noticed an increase in the amount of our team who are getting therapy which is fantastic!

General Manager
General Manager

Knowing what was uniquely going on for people inside our business allowed us to put a spotlight on the issues and address them with focused initiatives supported by Clearhead’s resources and tools.

People Leader
Foodstuffs North Island
People Leader

Thank you so much Clearhead – I’ve had a number of employees thank me for sending them the link that they are now using daily. Its great to receive such positive feedback from employees and that your app is helping them in their time of need.

HR Manager
New World Victoria Park
HR Manager

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Petera, Platform user

It’s not about just shifting the dial. It’s about changing the game.

Clearhead is a team who all share the same vision of improving access to good mental health care. We are psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, and researchers who are committed to providing quality mental health support for employees, students and everyone in between.


Employees have access to Clearhead


more employee adoption than traditional EAP services

Mental health support is a must have.

Provide your employee’s with the wellbeing support they deserve.

Useful resources for your people

Improve my mood

Your mood fluctuates all the time. By understanding your mood and its triggers, you can ride the ups and downs of life more smoothly.
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Manage my stress

Learn how to manage your stress levels, especially when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.
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Grow as a person

Learn how to gain greater self-awareness and develop skills and knowledge to reach your potential.
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Support someone else

Worried about someone? Learn how to support them, put a suicide safety plan in place if necessary, and maintain your own wellbeing along the way.
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Relieve my anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to life’s many challenges. Learn how to cope with anxiety in a healthy manner when it arises.
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