How Clearhead Works

Clearhead makes mental wellbeing easy by connecting people to the support they need as soon as they need it. We have a modern therapy booking and appointment management system, with proactive mental health support for workplaces and individuals. For those who prefer a self-directed approach, we have a suite of self-help tools and an intelligent Wellbeing Assistant available 24/7.

Therapy Booking

We make finding the right therapist easy by providing an easy-to-use search engine with options to filter based off of preferences. Appointments are simple to book and can be managed directly through the Clearhead platform.

We connect people to a high-quality network of over 400+ reputable therapists.

Clearhead makes it simple for businesses to fund therapy as part of our Employment Assistance Program (EAP). Employees can efficiently book the therapist that best suits them. All while maintaining their confidentiality.

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The Journey

At the core of our platform is a Guided Wellbeing Journey of engaging micro-lessons for improving mental fitness. The Guided Wellbeing Journey mimics a typical therapy or coaching experience. People are supported to become more self-aware of their challenges and strengths. They learn skills for their mind, body, and relationships. All while, fine-tuning their thinking and behaviour to sustain wellbeing.

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Your Wellbeing Assistant

Any journey would not be complete without a guide – our Wellbeing Assistant chatbot is like a therapist. Guiding the way to greater self-awareness, personalising the entire experience, and making it fun. The Wellbeing Assistant is our shining star, drawing on machine learning to understand how to offer the right support at the right time. It has been trained by our in-house Clinical Psychologist, with the wellbeing of people at heart.

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Mood Journal

Fundamental to personal growth is being able to reflect and make connections between what we’re doing and feeling, so we can move towards the things that make us feel good. We make it easy for people to see how their daily experiences affect their mood, while also suggesting self-help tools along the way.

Our Mood Journal has an exciting future in its Patterns feature, which is still to come! The idea is to make self-reflection easy through showing people powerful insights from their journal entries and conversations with the chatbot. We’ll reveal the usually invisible patterns behind what’s contributing to people's mood.

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Strengthen your mental fitness

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