Transform your company culture and wellbeing with Clearhead.

Empower your team to reach their full potential with our evidence-based approach to digital resources, therapists and employee wellbeing data that gives your employees the personal toolkit they need to take control of their individual wellbeing journey.

Together we can create a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled workforce.

Transform your company culture and wellbeing with Clearhead.


A modern approach to wellbeing for a changing workforce.

Round-the-clock support
Supporting your employees is more than just a 9-5. Our platform provides robust and comprehensive tools for you and your employees - 24/7/365.

Anonymous and meaningful insight
Go deeper than basic engagement surveys. Gain actionable insights and recommendations on how to better support your people.

Global business. Global support.
Available across the world, we are supporting organisations where they need us most - with no sign of slowing down.

A modern approach to wellbeing for a changing workforce.

What do employees get?

A personal guide to coping techniques.

In line with the latest developments in mental health and behavioural science, your team will go on a personalised journey to address their individual challenges while equipping them with the tools and techniques needed to deal with the complexities of challenges life throws at them.

Access to a premium self-help library

Every member of your team will get access to our expansive library of mental health and wellbeing resources to guide them in their self-paced journey. Ranging from depression and anxiety to leadership and financial security, our regularly updated resources cater to every challenge.

In-person, online & anonymous therapy

Searching our directory of more than 350+ therapists and counselors, your team will be able to request therapy sessions at the click of a button. From in-person support to online sessions, all of our one-to-one therapy is safe, secure and completely anonymous.

Escalation to meaningful support

During the assessment phase of our onboarding, our wellbeing assistance will look for signs that show a need for further support in your people. For those triaged to need immediate support, they will be able to ring through to a free 24/7 crisis helpline.

What support do employers get?

Seamless and simple onboarding

Working with our world-class team customer experience team, you will be guided through every step of the process to ensure you and your team and supported from the moment you sign up, to the time when you need it most.

Regular in-depth reports

Data is great, but only if you know what to do with it. We provide you regular reports with in-depth analysis and actionable insights on how you can improve your overall organisation’s health and wellbeing to stay ahead of the curve.

Ongoing resources and tools

Through regular communication and engagement, we provide you with updated resources, tools and techniques to assist in your overall wellbeing plan to ensure your employees are supported both when at work and at home.

Engaging employee interactions

Our employee engagement team works to ensure your people are supported when they need it and how they need it. Once you’re onboarded and in the system, our priority becomes activating your team into our platform so they have round-the-clock access and guidance.

It’s not about shifting the dial. We’re here to change the game.

Clearhead is a team who all share the same vision of improving access to good mental health care. We are psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, and researchers who are committed to providing quality mental health support for employees, students and everyone in between.


Employees have access to Clearhead across the world.

10 x

More employee adoption with Clearhead than traditional EAP services.

It’s not about shifting the dial. We’re here to change the game.

Mental health support is a must have.

Provide your employees with the wellbeing support they deserve. Here’s a quick explanation video on how our platform works within the workplace.

How we’re different from other providers...

Are you stuck in the traditional format of running yearly wellbeing surveys or ambulance at the bottom of the cliff EAP support? Having a proactive and holistic employee wellbeing support system that is fit for purpose and gives you the data insights you need doesn’t have to be hard.

For HR leaders

Comprehensive employee data reports.

Wellbeing leadership resources

One stop shop

For employees

Accessible therapy bookings**

Intelligent wellbeing assistant*

Personalised digital coping tools*

Resource library*



* Delivered through the browser, iOS app or Android app.

** Provides ability to view & browse over 500+ therapists, book based on real time availability within minutes. Supports phone line & email support too.

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