We’re all critical of ourselves at times and want to be better. Sometimes you may not be able to change your situation, but there are many tools that can help you with your personal growth.

Personal Growth

We’re all critical of ourselves at times and want to be better. Sometimes you may not be able to change your situation, but there are many tools that can help you with your personal growth.

Personal growth is a continual process of gaining greater self-awareness and developing skills and knowledge to reach your potential, improve your lifestyle, and strengthen your relationships. It generally includes some or all the following activities: - Growing self-awareness and self-knowledge - Improving skills and learning new ones - Building a stronger sense of identity, self-esteem, and confidence - Learning to stay present, sometimes through mindfulness and meditation - Developing wellbeing practices to support feeling calm, happy, and motivated - Enhancing your lifestyle through a good work-life balance and time management - Fulfilling dreams and aspirations - Improving relationships and emotional intelligence - Connecting to nature or deepening your spiritual identity.
Growth mindset

Growth mindset

Thriving on challenges, feeling motivated by failures, and striving to develop your capacity for happiness.
Finding meaning

Finding meaning

Feeling a sense of purpose in life, which gives us deep satisfaction, through a balance of work, community, and pleasure.
Social connection

Social connection

A sense of place within our friends, whānau, and wider community. We know we can call on people for support when needed.

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What supports personal growth?

There isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to personal growth and development. You need to find the tools that work for you. 

It's important to value self-development and take the time to focus on self-reflection, develop wellbeing tools, and get out of your comfort zone.

The key is to get into a growth mindset. This is where you recognise that you can do things to develop your character, intelligence, and creative abilities. A person with a growth mindset thrives on challenges, sees failure as important information for improvement, and realises they can develop their capacity for happiness through openness to experiencing all feelings.

Personal growth can also include getting guidance through counselling, coaching, and online resources. You can easily find a therapist on Clearhead to support you in your personal development.

What supports personal growth?

How can I improve my personal growth?

Here are three areas you can focus on:

Skill Development

This isn’t about learning to play basketball, or getting good at juggling. It’s the development of personal skills to improve your wellbeing and resilience, as well as improving your relationships with others.

Mental Growth

This is the process of growing and strengthening your mind.. In the same way you go to the gym to improve your physical fitness, you can exercise your mind too. 

You can develop useful mindsets, challenge unhelpful thoughts, build your self-worth, and concentrate on staying in the moment.

Habit Creation

Having routine activities and positive thoughts can really help to maintain your day-to-day wellbeing. Habits can help you to implement healthy skills and mindsets automatically, rather than needing to think about how you respond to different situations.

How can I improve my personal growth?

How to help someone else grow personally?

The best thing you can do to support others is to be a living example of someone who listens to others, makes time for self-reflection, and lead an inspiring life.

It’s important not to force advice on people – it can backfire if it makes someone feel inferior to you. Either give it when they ask or check in to see if it’s what they need. Often just being there and providing a listening ear is all people need to grow. 

If someone you know does want advice then make time to show them a personal tool that might help them with their situation.

For example, you could show them your time management system - your “to- do” list, calendar, etc., and send them the apps you use. It’s important to encourage them to adapt to whatever works for them, rather than getting caught up in what you think is best.

How to help someone else grow personally?

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