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The easy investing strategy you didn’t know about

Who knew setting-and-forgetting counts as an investing strategy? Sharesies covers what this strategy involves, and how it can help you reach your financial goals.

The easy investing strategy you didn’t know about

One way to use a set-and-forget investing strategy could be by creating an auto-invest order, pairing it with an automatic payment from your bank, and leaving it to do its thing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you forget about your investment entirely! It’s useful to check in now and then to review your Portfolio and decide what to do with your dividends if you receive them. This strategy is one way that can help you stay on track in between check-ins and reach your financial goals.

Easy investing, on repeat

With over over 8,400 investments on Sharesies, you might not know what you want to invest in. Auto-invest gives you the option to create up to three DIY orders from a range of NZ managed funds, as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and companies listed on New Zealand, Australian, and US exchanges. There are also a range of pre-made orders for you to consider.

Auto-invest makes it easier to invest regularly. Once you’ve picked your order and set up an automatic payment, the entire buy process is automated—from topping up money from your bank account, to making an investment in Sharesies. (Time to kiss those phone reminders goodbye. 😘)

Dollar-cost averaging

This is an investment strategy we’ve mentioned before—by investing the same amount on a regular basis, regardless of what the share price is, you can average out the ups and downs of the share market (rather than catching the market at a specific high or low point). You might buy shares at a higher price one week, and at a lower price other times, but these can even each other out over time.

This saves you the trouble of trying to time the market—which even the best investment professionals struggle to do!

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