Sylvia Guest

Sylvia Guest

NLP Therapist/Coach
In Person Therapy Available

Having trained in NLP last century, Sylvia is committed to working together with her clients to achieve their best possible outcome, whatever the issue. Aware that it can feel a bit daunting to go to a therapist, Sylvia's friendly, relaxed and down-to-earth style will soon put you at ease. There's not much she hasn't seen, heard, read about or imagined! She knows from personal experience that life is not always easy and can sometimes get messy; she's non-judgmental and focused on your needs. Her winning combination of compassion, common sense, and extensive knowledge of how minds and brains work will give you the edge you need to get life sorted. You might even be pleasantly surprised at how much fun sessions can be once you discover what's possible! Sylvia is passionate about empowering others to move beyond societal limitations to embrace their unique gifts and abilities. Her fun, experiential workshops are created with that objective in mind, encouraging you to live your best life - whatever that means to you. And if face-to-face appointments aren't quite where you're at, try Sylvia's virtual therapy, The Calm Spot App.



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