August Black

August Black

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Online Therapy

Hello my name is August (they/he), and I am located on Gadigal Country, the Eora Nation (Sydney). August offers a unique and refreshing approach to working alongside you (please read more below!) and identifies as 2E Neurodivergent, & with LGBTIQ+ folk (though also with other groups, see further below). August works as a 'Narrative Practitioner' focused on the stories we tell about ourselves and our world, as well as in practices of Social Justice. This is their eleventh year working as a Counsellor with adults. Who might appreciate Narrative Practice? Narrative practice may resonate for you if more cognitive-behavioural approaches haven't aligned with your outlook. It is a culturally aligned, non-blaming, non-deficit, and de-pathologising approach; where, ‘the problem is the problem, the person is not the problem’. So, we will look to separate people as problems (or any topic really) in externalising ways; rather than internalise problems, in blaming, marginalising and subjugating ways. Narrative practice takes a post-structuralist and social constructivist approach towards life and its problems, which in simple terms means that our lives, knowledges, and experiences are informed by our social–cultural world (and historical aspects too!). But, more importantly, time alongside August will focus on you, your personal-collective agency, and what is most important to you. - Rather than focus on theories or textbook understandings about peoples’ lives therefore, August focuses on your personal and/or collective agency. Personal-collective agency is about your responses to life; your hopes, dreams, wisdoms, knowledges and intentions, as well as your preferred identity conclusions and life outcomes (Collective agency refers to a group, community, family, partnership, or organisational sense of agency). A Unique Understanding of Life and Problems - Where Problems are Situated; Narrative practice also recognises that problems in life are often situated within the wider, dominant cultural narratives around us, where certain folk are problematised, marginalised, or subjugated, or where certain problems are seen as worse than others. Oft too, in wider dominant narratives, problems are created and people are labelled as problems, where no actual problem exists; created and reproduced by those in positions of power. Likewise, certain dominate narratives about life and people are privileged as more important and valued than others. - Although no examples are provided here to illustrate, August is confident dear reader that you will be familiar with examples from your own experience, or that of others. Importantly... - you may also wish to talk about things that are not problem-focused! : ) This could be about your philosophy on life, your identity or important research, or a life project of discovery! We do not need to be limited in what we explore together! Augusts' Main Focus; The main focus of Augusts' work regards identity, transition & change. This relates to your sense of identity in any given context and how you navigate your way through life (this identity could also relate to a partnership, group, business, organisational, or community identity). - Our conversation could be about your identity in the workplace, as a sole trader, in a relationship, in a family, as a parent, or a partner, as an Artist, or teacher, or your identity as a Neurodivergent person, and so forth (Any identity really). Perhaps you'd like to focus attention on a particular aspect of your identity or work through a transition towards change? *Otherwise, see the Specialist Tags below for my other areas of interest and experience. Who Might Resonate with Augusts' Unique Experience in Life? August may be well suited to you if you identify as; - 2E Neurodivergent - LGBTIQ+ - People 'Going it solo', or who consider themselves a 'Soloist' (this could be a solo performer, a sole trader, living life as a single uncoupled person etc.) - an 'Outsider' in some context Most certainly, the groups identified above experience their own unique challenges that other groups may not face; for a wide range of contributing factors (marginalisation, and subjugation being two factors). In turn, this creates and cultivates unique wisdoms, knowledges, & strengths, as consequence of this experience (This includes what people do despite challenges). Intersectionality is another area that August has understanding around. * Even if you do not identify with the above groups, August is more than experienced in other areas and alongside other groups as well. Other areas of interest and/or experience include work alongside; Creatives Training & Education professionals Wellbeing practitioners Sole traders Those connected with nature, and/ or multi-sensory Spirituality or religion *Please see the Specialist Tags for other topic areas of experience and interest. - So if anything here resonates for you, please get in touch. Thank you : )


Bachelor of Counselling (ACAP),and Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (University of Melbourne).



Client Type

adults, women, men, gender diverse

Therapy Type

narrative therapy, person centred therapy, attachment theory, solution focused therapy, online therapy

  • gender and sexual identity
  • life changes
  • workplace issues
  • sexual identity
  • identity
  • religion and spirituality
  • career change
  • lgbtiq issues
  • cross-cultural difficulties
  • performance anxiety
  • autism
  • attachment issues
  • work-life balance
  • identity transition
  • change and transition
Evocative Narratives Consultancy - Online
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Evocative Narratives Consultancy - Walk & Talk
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